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Woodhouse Contracting Pty. Ltd.

27 Royal Melbourne Ave, Connolly. W.A. 6027. Ph: 08 9300 1786 Fax: 08 9300 1882 Mobiles:Ray  0417 914 924. Dave 0404 587 806

Email: Ray@Woodhouseco.com.au or Dave@Woodhouseco.com.au



It is our pleasure to introduce you to Woodhouse Contracting.


Woodhouse Contracting is a company with new ideas but with very experienced staff. Our staff  have many years experience in the Civils contracting industry and have worked on and completed jobs in most suburbs of Perth including new subdivisions and industrial areas. We have worked for and with Telstra – Westnet Energy – Western Power – NDC – NDCG – Water Corp – Main Roads - ABB – Skilled Engineering – Silcar Communications - Gate Trenching - BPA Engineering - Contek - Visionstream - Underground Services - Unified Contracting - Site-Ex -


Listed for your information is a summary of our services:


Excavation for Conduits and Cables (Pit & Pipe), Boring Under Road, Footpath, Driveway etc. Supply and Fit Pits, Power Domes and Communications Pillars, Supply and Fit Type 1 and 2 Prefabricated Telstra Manholes, Cable & Pipe Realigning and Lowering / Raising, Cable Hauling (both Optic and Copper Core). Rod Rope & Prove Conduits, Locate and Repair Blocked and Damaged Conduits, Cable Recovery from Conduit, Cable and Pipe Locating, Cable Jointing. Rock Breaking, Excavator Hire, Bobcat Hire, Cable Winch Hire, Compressor / Jack Hammer Hire, Gas Pipe Laying and PE Pipe Welding Equipment,


A few of our Accreditations

Telstra: Pit and Pipe – Cable Locator – Cable Hauling (various) Alinta Gas: Gas Fitter – Accredited High Pressure Gas Pipelines Locator

Main Roads: Traffic Management Certificate. Western Power :Level 1 Sub Station Entry Certificate: Confined Space Certificate.


Our Company strives to maintain a professional approach to every job and safety procedures are adhered to at all times.


Excavation and Trenching.

Woodhouse Contracting is equipped with a Yanmar Mini Excavator with different size buckets for all soil conditions. A Volvo 6 wheel tip truck & Bobcat 753 for site cleanups and sand/spoil removal. A Compair 175 truck mounted compressor with various Jack Hammers and air powered equipment for rock and hard ground breaking. A plate compactor for levelling, compacting and finishing ground works. A foot (stomper) compactor to make sure any excavations are restored to previous compaction levels.

Cable hauling

Equipment for both Optic and Copper Core Cable.

Woodhouse Contracting has Cable Hauling Winch's suitable to accommodate any size copper or optic fibre cable whether it be your domestic 2 pair communications cable up to 630mm2 single wire double insulated electrical cable. We have an optic fibre winch that is certified and operated by our fully accredited work crew. Our winches have the capability to winch communication cable up to 1200 pair copper. All winches have a preset tension calibration system to safeguard the internal components of the cable being either copper (stretching) or optic fibre (fibre damage). Our operators are Telstra accredited and we have all the tools and equipment for proving, rodding and cleaning existing conduits, so as to supply a draw rope or fit cable in the most cost effective way.


Under road / Footpath / Driveway Boring Equipment

Woodhouse Contracting is equipped for pneumatic and boring with a Rotamole bed borer and a Grundomat which offer advanced engineering to create a straight, compacted hole for a variety of underground installations without disturbing the landscape above. Our bed borer can be used for new conduit laying Or replacing deteriorated clay, cast iron and concrete service lines with new materials by bursting through the existing casing, reducing excavation and interference with adjacent utilities.

Buried Cable / Pipe Locating Equipment

We are able to locate most underground pipe & cable with our Subsite Locator. Our operator is accredited by Telstra to locate the communications network and by Westnet Energy to locate high-pressure gas mains; our experienced locator can also locate Electric cables, water services and mains. A CAD or PDF plan of all buried utility’s can be supplied on request.


Safety onsite is a prime concern of Woodhouse Contracting, all Trucks are equipped with Pipe & Cable Locators, Gas Detectors, Mesh and Telstra approved barricade (frames), Road Safety Equipment, First Aid Kits and Generator. All our trucks are equipped with numerous hand tools to enable our workmen to not only complete the task at hand but to restore the worksite to its previous state. Our fleet of trucks are cleaned and serviced regularly to ensure a tidy appearance and to reinforce the professional approach we strive to maintain on every job we do.



Project Completion End to End

We will work closely with you to ensure all work is completed safely and on time by pre planning all aspects of the job to be done. Any special requirements requested by our customers will be strictly adhered to.


Project Planning

A site inspection by our supervisor and a job familiarisation, hazard assessment will be conducted. One Call plans will be obtained and JSA will be supplied. Any letter drops or customer contact will be done at this stage. All this information will be given to staff working on site in the form of a job pack. They will be made aware of all aspects of the job. A job pack will also contain a list of all materials and tools needed to complete the job. Any additional PPE equipment needed will be issued. This pre planning will help to minimise problems and costly delays.



A Perth, Western Australia company



Thank you for reading this resume and we look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information on Mobile: 0417 914 924 or Phone: 089 300 1786. Fax 089 300 1882.


Ray Woodhouse       Dave Woodhouse